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A ground-breaking and original TV series with potential for global success and fanbase.


Set in a futuristic monastery with incredibly beautiful nuns, The Order has been shaken by a mysterious black spot that has begun growing on the walls and is slowly spreading to the floors, plants, and animals.


In 9 episodes, the origins of this mystery will be explored while the nuns become more tribal and unpredictable by the minute. The series is a modern-day fairytale influenced by David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS, J.J. Abrahams’ LOST, and the wave of Erotic Japanese movies from the '70s.

Art Can Die has already invested more than $200,000 in the promising TV show and, align with its vision of a totally decentralized world as well as to remain 100% autonomous in the realization of “NOIR”, Art Can Die wishes to raise an additional amount of $2,000,000. By doing so, Art Can Die will be able to produce independently the entire “NOIR” series and only propose it for diffusion purposes to giant audiovisual and streaming companies, such as Netflix or HBO.

In contrast with a minimum amount of $50,000 raised, Art Can Die will be able to realize a 7 minute clip of the “NOIR” TV show and, then, search additional funds from reliable investors to produce and diffuse the entire series.

In that regard, to achieve the most efficient fundraising, Art Can Die chose to go via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) managed by well-known crypto’s Exchange “LATOKEN” (enormous audience of investors, secure, transparent, cost-efficient, and legally compliant).

It is also worth noted that the “utility” nature of DIE Coins will offer its investors the unique advantage to be kept closely informed of the evolutions of the project with each investor's name being added to the credits of the series. Art Can Die Coin will also offer a VIP treatment with first screenings and a privileged meet and greet with the stars and creators of the show, as well as a gift box with unique and signed memorabilia of the show.

Art Can Die is confident that the success of its authentic TV show “NOIR” will come notably from the quality of the scenario, original music, director, and actors, as well as from the network of the famous theater and movie director and Art Can Die co-founder, Geert Bové, which is composed of worldwide VIP and celebrities.