DIE token is born to help artists get efficient financing without losing their creative autonomy, and to offer art lovers, crypto enthusiasts, and small to large investors a perfect blockchain-based solution for Investing in handpicked artwork & Saving the real Art. 

ART CAN DIE COIN is a cryptocurrency anchored in the physical world that aims to facilitate the way people invest in the Art industry while optimizing the synergies between artists, investors, collectors, and art consumers as well. 


Blockchain technology

Decentralized Finance (staking, royalties, ...)

Secondary trading 

Smart contracts 

DAO (consultancy rights, requesting rights, ...)

Tokenization, NFTs and Metaverse

Ecosystem compatibility

Airdrops & Buying competition


Utility tokens 

Ethereum ERC20 type

Total Supply = 21,000,000 tokens

Paired with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT)

Purchasing in BTC, TRX and USDT.

DIE token value = 0,90 usdt 

Referral bonuses (10% for 1.000, 8% for 25.000, 5% for 50.000 and 3% for 100.000 tokens)

To pursue this decentralized vision of individual freedom and in order to transcend legal hurdles, ART CAN DIE COIN has a UTILITY NATURE which means that DIE holders enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, NFTs, staking, secondary market trading, future rights/royalties, airdrop, buying competition and rewards, as well as consultancy and requesting rights (DIE holders can influence Art Can Die governance or the promotion of high-value projects; a great example is the voting on actors casting or script of NOIR tv show, or even to request tokenization or fundraising of bespoke artwork)

DIE token offers ALL TYPES OF INVESTORS, CRYPTO ENTHUSIASTS & ART LOVERS a modern way to engage efficiently in the Art industry. Among other things, DIE investors can own and trade artwork in the form of tokens (DIE tokens) while making profits on secondary market trading; this results in an optimization of the global Art and crypto market liquidity. Furthermore DIE investors and community enjoy the added benefit of a closer relationship with Art Can Die artists and entourage as well as exclusive access to upcoming sales and events. 

Thanks to ART CAN DIE COIN, ARTISTS enjoy easier and greater financing, promoting, showcasing, and trading of their artwork via an international audience of DIE investors, resulting in an increase of exposure, reputation and valuation of art. Artists are not required anymore to be both creators and businessmen and regain their total creative autonomy using 100% of their time on what really matters: creating real art. 

By investing in ART CAN DIE COIN, crypto-users & artists Support the development of its disruptive ecosystem, Improve the efficiency of the global art trade; Increase the chances to make huge profits on secondary market trading. 

Thanks to ART CAN DIE COIN anyone can become the owner of a fraction of a fine artwork or any kind of collectible, fungible or not, in the form of a digital asset: the DIE tokens 

ART CAN DIE takes full advantage of the process of TOKENIZATION to convert fine artwork - such as paintings, movies, TV series, music, sculpturesinto DIE tokens. In sum, Blockchain technology guarantees the unalterable certification of ownership, storage, and transfer of the tokenized assets (for example, a painting) without the intervention of any third-party or intermediary control (i.e. banks, notaries, central authorities). In the same way, blockchain secures transactions, reduces costs, and increases assets liquidity. Transactions are flawlessly "peer-to-peer" and fully decentralized which contribute to give back to crypto-users, art lovers and investors their full autonomy. 

Example: the tokenization of a $100,000 painting.

The painting can be transformed into 100,000 DIE tokens, each one representing 0.001% of the painting. Then, if someone buys 50,000 tokens, he owns 50% of the ownership of the asset. To be specific, owning tokens don't confer legal property of assets but thanks to the immutable character of Blockchain as a public ledger, certain ownership in the tokenized asset is unalterably and publicly established and nobody can challenge it. 

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